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The main character in the McConnell stories is Denny MCConnell. He is a divorced, workaholic engineer who was laid off and turned to Private Investigations. His fortay in solving crimes is his analytical skill. He admits to not being Thor, but is not afraid to tangle with criminals. He swims most days, having competed in high school, and the house he lives in has a pool. But he doesn”t own the contemporay mansion, he sits the house while its owners cavort around Europe.

He has an on and off girl friend. They have a relationship only they can admire, and the relationship leads to romance, struggles with Denny apologizing by buying Sabrina exotic bug eating plants.

He is Joe normal, smart, and exceptionally perservering. The kind of MC to emerse the reader in a murder story.

Friday, 25 September:

Hemingway created the image to explain where a story takes place from the author’s point of view. While language is what we read, what we ‘see’ is below the surface and deduced only through the author’s words. Much is hidden unless exposed through the use of wording. Thus, what the reader feels can only be felt by what the author writes. Write Carefully!

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